How to Create a Three Image IG Banner for Instagram using Photoshop

I've been getting a lot of questions how to create the 3 image banner for my Instagram Feed. I use three image banners when introducing another country I am visiting but you could do it for a product you're releasing, a service line or anything! This is a great way to pimp out your feed making it more professional and classy.

It takes me about 7 minutes to do and comprises a cool photo, the countries flag and the title text, Simple!

So let's jump into how I make the Instagram banners! For this tutorial I will walk you through my Canada country banner. Feel free to click on each image to make it nice and big.

Programs I use:
Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop or any editing software. You can just use Adobe Photoshop to do your edits and cropping though.



Step 1: Get Your Background Photo Ready

Cropping the Image in 1x3 ratio in Lightroom

I edit my photo I want to use as my background image in Adobe Lightroom and then be sure to crop it to a 1 x 3 ratio (1 Image High by 3 Images Across).

When I am done I export it to my desktop as a JPEG using the following export settings (not important):

Image: JPEG, Quality: 85, Color Space: sRGB, Long Edge Pixels: 2,048, Resolution: 72

Export Settings for the Instagram 3 Image Banner

Then Open your image in Photoshop...

Open your 1x3 Banner Image in Photoshop


Step 2: Photoshop - Add Country's Flag

I add a new layer and drag and drop the country's flag image onto that layer. You can find heaps of google images online. I resize and align the country flag layer to the centre of the image. You may need to stretch and expand it. Then select that flag layer and reduce its opacity to 15-25% to reveal the background image behind. 



Step 3: Photoshop - add title text

Once the flag is in place we need to add our title country text. I add a new layer, select and insert the text tool onto that layer. I use a font called Surfing Capital but you can choose whatever you like. I have the opacity of this layer at 100%. Align and resize the font to a spacing that ensures that the text won't be on the horizontal 1/3 or 2/3 lines, being where we will cop later to upload to Instagram.



Step 4: Photoshop - crop and export

After my text and flag are in place and everything is looking good. I crop to export it. 

You do this by selecting your crop tool with a crop ratio of 1x1 / square.

Drag the crop area to the far left of the image and make the crop. Then click File>export and choose JPEG and save onto your desktop as [FileImage]-3 as the far left image will be posted last.


After the first square crop has been saved I undo the crop step back to the larger 1x3 image banner and repeat this step in the centre third and the right third being sure to properly name my JPEG exports in the right order.


When you are done you should have 3 properly named 1x1 square images on your desktop. 



Step 5: Transfer to iPhone and Upload to Instagram


Those Mac users can use airdrop to get the images to their iPhones. PC users can email or Dropbox the image to themselves and open it on their phones.=

Create your Instagram post title and copy it. Then apply it to the three posts being sure to upload them in the right order (being right to left).

Be sure to upload them quickly so they will show up on your followers feed in the right order. 

And that's it! Please feel free in leaving a comment or showing your results! I would love to see them.


Pro Tip:

When you are using these banners on your feed you will need to be aware of your previous banner alignment when looking to post another banner! For example, my below feed would not be a good time to upload a banner. The feed needs two more single photos before the country 3 banner images line up: