Photo of the Week: Wise Men on a Bench

I've often been asked about this picture and the context around it with an expectation that I travelled far and wide across an African or Middle Eastern country to capture.

Wise Men On A Bench

Wise Men On A Bench

While I did travel across Morocco for three months, I took this photo while in Bordeaux, France!

My brother, friend and I were out scootering around looking for second-hand cutlery and cooking utensils for our van kitchen. We stumbled across this small local weekend market market which was a treasure trove for what we were looking for. I always have my camera on me and saw this scene out of the corner of my eye as we were being told by the locals that we could not scooter through the market. The stone wall behind them is not a ancient mosque but the town bell tower!

I think compelling images can be found everywhere you just an interesting concept / subject in the right place and the right time!