Photo Friday: How to Animate Your Holiday Photos

It's the day were I speak about an important photo of mine to give you all some insight into the things I do:

Sony A7 with Sony FE 35mm Carl Ziess lens at f/2.8. ISO 200. Shutter 1/3200.

Event Photography Philosophy

I love taking event lifestyle photos. There is something about capturing joy and nostalgia that I find immensely rewarding as a photographer. I've had the pleasure of working with The Yacht Week in Croatia, Greece and the British Virgin Islands.

While on assignment, I've developed some little strategies to quickly build rapport to get crews enjoying the day in front of me. This Photo of the Day is no exception. I wholeheartedly agree with doing silly things in front of the camera to get magical photos while travelling. Sometimes the best photos are the fleeting ones.

Background to the Photo

For this photo I got the tallest people on the boat to lay down on the net facing me, I lie down close to them to get the perspective that is rarely captured. I get the rest of the crew to stand behind them and then on the count of three I get them to fall on top of the others. This always gets a timeless reaction!

I always shoot with my Sony A7 camera wide open (lowest aperture number) that your lens can do to get the shallowest depth of field and to a burst of 5-10 photos as the fall to capture the perfect moment.